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I am a 9th grader

Rachel DelaCruz

Hello, I am a 9th grader inquiring about the Great Depression
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 15:15:30 EST

Good Afternoon,

My name is Rachel DelaCruz, and I am a 9th grade student at Valencia High
School. We just completed reading "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest
Hemingway. We were given a project and instructed to give an interview based
on the following criteria:
           -Focus on their attitude towards the elderly Now versus their
attitude towards the elderly when they were a teenager.
           -How were the elderly treated then versus now?
           -What was it that changed people's view on the elderly?
           -How were the elderly treated, in your opinion, before the
depression era? And after?
           -How were Americans effected by the Great Depression?
           -How were the elderly effected?

   I hope it is not too much to ask from you, but if you can answer these
questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.
   PS Please, if possible, send the answers as soon as possible. Thank You
                                       Rachel DelaCruz

Replies sent by Russ Priestley and Natalie Thomson  12/99

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