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The Wanderer

... hope springs eternal

Bill Jodrey

Of what is he thinking when he is moving away from the home, family and friends that he has known for all of his lifetime?

Actually, of course, there are many ideas to chose from. Some of the estimated millions who floated around the country were men and some few women.  Out of work because of the depression, they were looking for work but there were no jobs to be found in the whole country.

An occasional job of one day, or even one hour, did help one retain his personal dignity but it didn't help his family back home who were on welfare.

It didn't take very long to realize that, except for the "soup kitchens" run by some cities, the Salvation Army, and churches, a hobo simply had to accost strangers and ask for an assist.

Between cities and towns was sometimes a long and lonely walk but hope springs eternal in the human breast and one carries on as best one can.

Riding freight trains is another story altogether.

If one chooses to ride a freight train, you can only get on or off when the train is stopped and, sometimes the stops are not near a town where food is readily available, so two and sometimes three days passed with no food and that certainly gave one pause for thought.

The new, modern freight cars in use today are constructed with steel and they are kept locked and there are no cat walks on the tops of the cars.

I don't know what I will use for transportation when the next depression comes around.

March 3, 2000

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