Random Thoughts

What Are Human Beings?

... the promise of a distant future

Bill Jodrey

Are we really angels in the process of becoming, or are we devils in disguise, or perhaps some of each?

Does a person who inveigles a youngster to engage in some nefarious program, such as theft or drug dealing, or disseminating literature which seeks to warp one's ideas away from the accepted norm, deserve to be considered other than an evil one?

We can make excuses for the ruling classes, diplomats, and government people, because they are so deeply involved in their need for power and money, that they hardly remember just what they wanted to accomplish by running for office.

But 'diplos' and the mean spirited, unmitigated rascals aside, we can still focus on the beauty and promise of a sunrise, beautiful fall weather (barring hurricanes), and a breathtaking sunset, and see in these moments the promise of a distant future when the less respectable ones will reap their just rewards, and those who did their best will find a solid ground on which to develop and offer a helping hand to others, over the rough spot on the road to love and enlightenment

May 5, 2000

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