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By Dottie

This is from my nephew and wife. I saw them at my brother's 80th birthday
party, Sunday at Falmouth, MA. He is employed by GE and lives at Lake
George, NY (at, rather than in the Lake). He had never seen our site before
and beamed it up as soon as they got back from the Cape. Their reaction:

Hi Russ -

Bob and I have been enjoying your articles and photos since getting home
last night from the Cape.  What a surprise to see the big black & white of
you and Nancy a few years ago.  And the others of that handsome guy in the
uniform!   Really enjoyed all the interesting stories about your life, etc.
Sent the address  for "A solution to Depression woes" to Sandy in North
Carolina tonight and she and Rob enjoyed seeing their great grandmother and
grandpa.  (Rob just arrived at her house tonight from Florida).

Bob and I also were laughing out loud last night while I read "What I
Learned From My Father" from the screen.  There's so much to that site that
I found fascinating even outside the Priestley things.

Keep up the good work.  Wish I had more time to write.


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