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Subject: Spoonerisms
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 18:13:11 -0500
From: "Joseph R. Franzino"
To: melrose@media.mit.edu

When I am driving my grandchilren (ages 9 & 14) home to their house, I usually play "Spoonerisms" with them.   We look at the names of businesses and objects that we pass or things that we can think of and make it into a "Spoonerism."  For example: one sign read, "Jumbo Dogs," my grandson made it into "Dumbo Jogs."  Others are: "Shop and Stop" for "Stop and Shop," -- "Dorm Stores" for "Storm Doors" -- "Darn Boors" for "Barn Doors" -- "Moo Shaker" for "Shoe Maker" -- "Sheep Slop" for "Sleep Shop" -- "Bunny Hair" for "Honey Bear" " -- "Bills and Hogs" for "Hills and Bogs" -- "Poms and Mops" for "Moms and Pops" -- "Honey Bug" for "Bunny Hug" -- "Hair Bug" for "Bear Hug" -- "Crook and Nanny" for "Nook and Cranny" -- "Pig Buns" for "Big Puns."  As Jimmy Durante would say, "I gotta million of 'em."

Regards, Joe Franzino, Southbury, CT

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