Random Thoughts

A Lost Soul or to be old

... a senior moment

Marjorie Burgess

2/3/00 Tuesday

My closet door in my computer room opened easily -- after all the pulling, whacking for weeks because it refused to open -- quietly opened.  What does all this mean? My computer room is in shambles.  It seems that someone must have entered and mixed up all my writings, some of which I don't think I am the author of. I am very despondent this morning. I woke up crying, I don't usually cry until after breakfast. See 8/21/98 letter -- where did that come from -- just now?  WOE IS ME --

Just discovered "Afterthoughts, Feb. 15, 1996" or thereabouts by Jim Driscoll, Media Lab, etc. Afterthoughts -- I think or -- do I?

April 7, 2000

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