Random Thoughts

Looking Forward to Spring

... balmy days of spring suggest a change in our lives 

by Bill Jodrey

Although our winter season was not all that bad, compared to some of the winters in the past, still we look forward to the balmy days of spring when the birds and flowers and soft winds make us feel that a new start with our lives and attitude may be in order.

As we in the northern latitudes ease into spring, our counterparts below the equator are approaching their seasons of fall and winter. The city of Melrose, Mass. in the spring and summer months is truly quite remarkable as the many garden plots throughout the city, many of which are planted and tended by volunteers, come into bloom and prosper throughout the seasons, into autumn when Jack Frost says it is time to quit until next spring.

How can we best show our appreciation to these self-appointed volunteer gardeners for the beauty and pleasure which they so willingly share with us?

The Observer

April 7, 2000

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