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...Rebuttal to Mirror articles.

Len Dalton

In the recent past, articles have appeared here in the Melrose Mirror to express hostility and otherwise propagandize the anti-American position liberals as it applies to Iraq.

One article describes a visit by Ramsey Clark, a profoundly discredited activist and an American group seeking to give a measure of relief to adversities in Iraq which this group and their followers blame entirely on the policies of the United States Government.

With no substantiation or back-up of their statements, the quoted speaker told of ongoing deaths of thousands, including children, due to malnutrition generated by the United States. At no time was it mentioned that Iraqi dictator, Saddam, in a typically perverse and hostile move, had drained the Shat Al Arab delta of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. This attack on a centuries old culture of the inhabitants of the delta area meant death to many and relocation for most. Saddam sought revenge for the lack of support shown in the Basra area during the Gulf War. It was most effective.

In this effort, Saddam inflicted untold misery and death on innocents and summary execution to officials in the Basra area. The Ramsey Clark people, in their anti-American propaganda mission, were conspicuous in not offering listeners mitigating facts.

Your writer continues in his conviction that propaganda is dishonest and in this  case, it is nothing more than an effort to discredit the United States in a typically shabby manner. Ax grinding at the expense of otherwise unknowing citizens is here exposed.

May 5, 2000

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