Photo Review of the "New" St. Mary's Church

... a sampling of the changes in the recent renovation ... 

Virginia Hanley

SilverStringer Staff Photos

The front door of St. Mary's Church accents the colors on the peak over the door which reflect those used inside on the columns and are repeated on the trimming on the windows. The half circle window over the doors is called a Millennium Window and is the first one installed in a church in the Archdiocese. The theme of the Jubilee Year, "Open Wide the Doors to Christ," is centered over the door.

This statue of the Blessed Mother was retained from the old church.

This photo shows a statue of St. Joseph that was hand-carved in Austria. It matches the statue of the Blessed Mother on the other side of the altar.

The Millennium Window shows the theme of the Jubilee Year, "Open Wide the Doors to Christ." It pictures the coats of arms of Bernard Cardinal Law and Pope John Paul II. The crossed keys in the central circle are symbols of the keys of St. Peter.

The main altar is shown with the Easter decorations. It is a carved wooden table built by St. Mary's parishioner, Tom Sutherland. The screen behind the altar encloses a small chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle. During Mass the green doors are closed. Several rows of pews were removed and a wooden platform (called a predella) was installed. The pillars in the church and the panels behind the altar were painted and then given a marbleized look with a goose feather. The pilasters at the top of the columns are finished in gold leaf.

A closer look at the top of a column showing the gold leaf decorations and the details of the marbleizing.

The sanctuary lamp hangs from the ceiling high above the altar. It was donated by the Milano family.

The flowers painted around the choir loft all have a connection with the Blessed Mother. Their significance was found on the Internet.

The baptismal font is now located just inside the front door; this signifies that the Sacrament of Baptism is the entrance into the People of God.

A sample of the Stations of the Cross which were carried over from the old St. Mary's. The pillars on both sides were painted to match the larger columns throughout the church.

The large crucifix hangs in the sanctuary over the altar. The corpus is the same one that hung in the old church. The cross is newly-carved and features the Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, at the four edges of the vertical and horizontal beams.

June 2, 2000

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