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September 11, 2001

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Fake news and our Mount Hood Mexicans
by Joe Sullivan
... why the members of the Mount Hood golf community are like the Mexicans who President Trump says will pay for his border wall.

The port-a-potties come home to roost
by Joe Sullivan
... How did our "state-of-the-art sports complex" end up with port-a-potties to take care of our Red Raider track team's sanitary needs?

Notes on East of Eden
by Ed Boyd
... born evil?

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and our Mount Hood golfers
by Joe Sullivan
... Golfers have heard messages like theirs before...the hard way.

The phantoms of the Override
by Joe Sullivan
... Override Forum format provided no opportunity for an exchange of views on this important issue.

Coming clean on high school football risks.
by Joe Sullivan
... City makes a big deal about concussions but goes quiet about the devestation they can cause.

Why the so-called list of "Top 50 highest-paid city earners" is so misleading.
by Joe Sullivan
... two different methods are used to determine who is on it.

The charm of Christmas
by Jackie Wattenberg
... pondering the many holiday traditions

How much money has been taken from the golf course since 2012?
by Joe Sullivan
... bond payments for the athletic fields don't start until 2016. What's happened to the accumulated funds?

A casino question is buried at Alderman's meeting
by Joe Sullivan
... no mention that the presentation of casino agreements was made by the City Solicitor Rob Van Campen formerly an Alderman in Everett cite of one of the proposed casinos.

by Ed Boyd
... horrific!

Golf revenue will be available for new projects
by Joe Sullivan
... Will secret meetings decide how the money will be spent?

Park Commissioners nix a green fees increase.
by Joe Sullivan
... Contract with golf course manager makes a dollar-per-round increase of little value to city.

Van Campen's role in Casino talks needs clarification
by Joe Sullivan
... Melrose City Solicitor is also three-time president of Aldermen in Everett, a location under consideration for a casino

What should we expect from our new Tremont/Essex Street Corridor?
by Joe Sullivan
... The city is using the word "corridor" as a name for two different projects.

Obama on Mandela
by Ed Boyd
... the words for Mandela say a lot about Obama

PBS Frontline documentary on brain damage presents a problem for Red Raiders' football.
by Joe Sullivan
... and the city has an obligation to respond.

The Melrose High School chopped liver track teams.
by Joe Sullivan
... the teams were part of the price of our city government's "state of the art" athletic field complex at the High School.

At Pine Banks, "the means justify the ends"
from Parks Councilman Myron F, Dittmer, Jr.
... the other side of that five million dollar coin ...

The city's five million dollar switch
by Joe Sullivan
... how the city turned an appropriation for a study for artificial turf into a study for a $5 million athletic field complex.

Who pays if the golf course can't?
by Joe Sullivan
... a question that our city officials never answer.

High School running track never included in plans for new high school fields.
by Joe Sullivan
... desired improvements to the baseball and football fields eliminated room for a running track.

Was the Mayor's raise a case of "show me the money?"
by Joe Sullivan
... did the possibility of the Mayor's accepting another job spur the Aldermen's approval?

The T. Boone Pickens Melrose Red Raiders
by Joe Sullivan
... would we have a new athletic field complex if it required the football team, instead of the track team, to be shipped to Pine Banks?

The Park Commission's stand-up guy steps down
by Joe Sullivan
... the resignation of Chairman Interbartolo's leaves vacuum

New High School running track has neither spectator stands nor showers
by Joe Sullivan
... a gorgeous facility that lacks key features of the old High School track that it is replacing.

Reappointment of Mount Hood Golf Course manager grinds to its completion.
by Joe Sullivan
... No complications anticipated in Aldermen's approval at its December 3 meeting

Mr. Dittmer's rebuttal to Joe's article
from Myron F. Dittmer

Where, please, is the 'park' at Mount Hood?
by Joe Sullivan
... Dog ban raises the issue of identifying area at Mount Hood that is supposed to be a park

Doggy saga at Mount Hood Park
from Len Dalton
... push and pull issues at Mt. Hood

Park Commission aims to select golf course manager by end of August
by Joe Sullivan
... new athletic field complex bond costs make selecting manager who can produce high revenue stream more important than ever

Does city have more secret plans for unspent money in Mount Hood Reserve Fund?
by Joe Sullivan
... report is that city won't use money in Reserve Fund to pay upcoming shortages in payments for the athletic field complex bond costs

Will the $69 million payout include you?
by Joe Sullivan
... Wall Street Journal story relates how big life insurers are committed to finding and paying unpaid beneficiaries.

Who pays when the golf course can't cover the athletic field complex bond costs?
by Joe Sullivan
... the 2013 Operating Budget for Mount Hood shows its excess revenues won't cover the upcoming bond costs for the athletic field complex.

Mount Hood Course revenue lowest since 2005 -- but still tops $2 million
by Joe Sullivan
... 64 rainy days and sluggish economy adversely affect numbers for 2011

Spear Street and the world around us ...
by Don Norris
... economics being what they are, our street looks like a map ...

Sixty-four rainy days cut Mount Hood's golf revenue by $200,000
by Joe Sullivan
... Snack bar and Pro Shop sales are adversely affected, too

"All Men are Created Equal!"
by Jackie Wattenberg
... At last, Americans are protesting!

On Being Unemployed in a Jobless Era
by Elizabeth Samit
... why "Occupy Wall Street" matters

Does our city government have a Department of Secrets?
by Joe Sullivan
... many aspects of new Athletic Field Complex lacked public participation, discussion

The campaign trail
by Jerry Norton
... here we go again

Fly the flag
from Lillian Campbell
... support our American troops

Park Commissioners seek own financial adviser
by Joe Sullivan
... Park Commission expresses need for clear, understandable financial information in dealing with issues involving Mount Hood's financing of athletic- field complex.

Embracing the tiny house movement
by Elizabeth Samit
... living well with less

Special legislation that denies protection of Mass General Laws lets city get at Mount Hood Golf Course money
by Joe Sullivan
... provisions of Mass General Laws Chapters 124 and 44 and any other general or special laws no longer can keep city from taking Mount Hood revenue*

Thoughts while it 's snowing
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Is there any better time for thinking

Nobody is asking the tough questions about the Mount Hood funding of the new athletic field complex
by Joe Sullivan
... Discretionary revenue, not taxes, is supposed to provide all the money to pay off the $5.5 million bond required to fund this project.

Do the golfers at Mount Hood need to establish a 'Tea Party?'
by Joe Sullivan
... no one represents them in the discussions of the Mayor's proposed $5.5 million upgrades to the city's athletic fields but they will pay all the bills.

The Constitution
by Jerry Norton
... and the changing times

Why are we the War-King of the world?
by Jackie Wattenberg
... concerns about life and losses

Oh yeah, another new donut shop
from Don Norris
... exactly what this town needs!

Why an athletic field at Mount Hood is a long shot
by Joe Sullivan
... availability of funding will be an overwhelming issue.

This angry Earth
by Jerry Norton
… and nowhere to hide

Forecasting blizzard in the United States
by Elizabeth Samit
... a political essay

City takes $200,000 from Mount Hood golf operations.
Joe Sullivan
...uses Enterprise Fund to circumvent City Charter provision that would keep golf course revenue at Mount Hood.

Home, home is now strange
by Russ Priestley
(You may sing it if you like)

The New Mount Hood
by Len Dalton
... the wreckage of the old Mount Hood is transformed by big dig material and a good engineer.

Lack of political-action muscle hurts Mount Hood golfers
by Joe Sullivan
... feasibilty study's golf proposals all but ignored by people attending Park Commission meeting.

Our peripatetic President
by Russ Priestley

The Jim Crow...ley incident
by Russ Priestley
... a poetic comment

Friends and family
by Carol Nelson
... helping with English through the Melrose Human Rights Commission

More stimuli!
by Jerry Norton
... doing my part

by Carol Nelson
... poking my finger in the Pope's eye

The redundant Marine Corps
by Jerry Norton
... overtaken by events

Brother, can you spare a mortgage?
by Joe Sullivan
... massive bailouts of failing Homeowner Mortgages are not new to our Federal Government

The IRS will get you every time
by John Averell
... for two cents I'd @#$%!&

Oh, Sarah
by Jerry Norton
... we hardly knew ye

Subprime mortgages
by Jerry Norton
... a closer look

Melrose, once Republican, roars for Obama
by SilverStringer Don Norris
... results of national election -- in Hometown, USA

$700 Billion Bailout: a lot of dollars
by Jim Driscoll
... how about the families who lost their homes in 2008?

McCain or Obama? Vote for War or Peace
by Jackie Wattenberg
... we must put wars behind us

Who's bailing the sinking boat?
by Russ Priestley
... one guess per person, please

The end of eugenics
by John Averell
... or is it?

More on death for the killers
by Len Dalton
... no more namby pamby with killers

Is execution a human trait?
by Stringer Don Norris
... a rebuttal of Ed Boyd's rebuttal

Retirement of the flags
by Carol Nelson
... speaking of symbolism

A rebuttal to: 'Is lethal injection the way to go?'
by Ed Boyd
... capital punishment is murder

Is lethal injection the way to go?
by Len Dalton
... such injection fails miserably as a deterrent to murder

Political Quiz: What's Your Score?
by Jackie Wattenberg
... on pointing fingers in war and peace

All power to all the people
by Carol Nelson
... left, right, left, right

For English, press One
by Russ Priestley
... I can't fight 'em, but won't join 'em

The new math -- more of us killed by guns than by wars
By Marion Roberts
... what is the meaning of the Second Amendment?

The case of a 150-dollar postcard
from the Melrose SilverStringers

Valuing human life
by Jackie Wattenberg it time for impeachment?

We're running out of dunce caps
by Russ Priestley
... and a new slant on undertaking

Getting to know Muslims better
by Ed Boyd
... were ALL Muslims to blame for 9-11?

English, as a second language
by Russ Priestley
... the present-day invaders

The Dalton Genealogical Society
by Leonard B. Dalton
... I find out who/what I am

This generation is raising a bunch of whimps
by Russ Priestley
... the losers are winning

I love commercials
by Russ Priestley
... most of them

Teaching religion in our public schools
by Abby Shields
... which religion would you teach?

Melrose Free Press headline ill-timed
by Joe Sullivan
... fairness to Roosevelt School principal questioned

A Visit to our Representative
by Carol Nelson
... War.. what is it good for?

Now hear this
by Jerry Norton
... language transgression

Silver Legislature Report - November 17, 2005
from Anne MacGillivray
... Anne MacGillivray honored by state legislature

carol nelson
...A spoon full of sugar

Our way of life
by Carol Nelson
... what is our way of life?

Melrose Veterans Service Advisory Board
by Bob Ross
... a new service for all Veterans

Disabled seniors discriminated against
from Anne MacGillivray
... Silver Legislature, opposes "user tax" for disabled/elderly patients

Creating a collage
by Carol Nelson
... Past, present and future

It is past time to ban the horror of war
by Jackie Wattenberg
... listen to the words of great presidents past

Off to a bad start
by Carol Nelson
... once upon a time ...

What is the face of an American?
by Phyllis Fewtrell

Where are we headed?
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Are we really seduced by war?

Dirty words
by Carol Nelson
... keep a word or two in reserve for a special occasion

Silver Legislature meeting May 17, 2005
from Anne MacGillivray
... Home care project and circuit breaker bills discussed

Silver Legislature celebrates Silver Anniversary
from Anne MacGillivray
... praise given and citations awarded

Teen-ager of the future
by Russ Priestley
... a unique sneak peek

Silver-haired Legislator Report - March 16, 2005
Anne MacGillivray
... Al Norman honored the meeting as special guest

Distraction during driving
by Russ Priestley
... dis the dis and it's traction

Dave Nyhan: He preferred the action
Jack Driscoll
... Globe columnist remembered by longtime colleague

Our new holidays
by Jerry Norton
... what become of the old?

Another voice on the war in Iraq
from Arnold Koch
... responding to Len Dalton's comment

Diversity of opinion -- the war in Iraq
by Irving Smolens
... "You do not occupy a country in which you are not wanted."

Iraqi war is justified, Melrose writer contends
from Len Dalton
... alternative is continued murder of innocents

Senior Center ban on religious expression
by Anne MacGillivray
... God not welcome here

Silver Haired Legislature Oct 19, 2004 Meeting
by Anne MacGillivray
... the "Talking RX"

The men of great ambitions, power and danger
by Jackie Wattenberg
... when will it end?

Silver Haired Legislature Report November 2004
by Anne MacGillivray
... SHL presents citation to Gov. Romney

Mike Festa Plans
7th Annual Senior
Pasta Luncheon

from Representative Michael Festa

Silver Haired Legislature Report
by Anne MacGillivray
... unexpected visitor

Pols party but
no one came

from Stringer Don Norris

Democratic Party National Convention, 2004
Irving Smolens
... the tough part was getting in

New England
  Senators vote
  on gay marriage

by Bob Ross

The Bush league
by Russ Priestley
 ... have you had it?

A report on a recent Democratic Party Caucus
by Irving Smolens
 ... a slice of democracy in action

U.S. Presidents I remember
by Natalie Thomson
 ... an even dozen

On scouting out the Presidency
by SilverStringer Don Norris
 ... a truthful parody, to which the candidates should listen

My vision of a president
by Shirley Rabb
 ... domestic affairs must be the first priority. 

What kind of person do we want and need as president?
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... we need a president who will wage peace, not war

Soldier volunteers
 for tour in

by Irving Smolens

Marriage - my definition
by Bob Ross
 ... we all must act - make your voice be heard

Identifying Reasons for War
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... was this war necessary?

Anne MacGillivray - Silver Haired legislator
from the SIlverStringers
 ... she has a busy schedule

by Russ Priestley
 ... and medication

Who has been giving dangerous advice to our President?
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Decision making still rests with the leader

Hey, listen, we are the super power
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... do you want us on your doorstep?

The road to Saddam 
by Len Dalton
 ... values in the Hussein problem

New group looks toward peace, not war
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Vote Byrd as a protest, committee urges

Melrose grandfather concerned about Bush plan
by Donald R. Norris
 ... leading to United Nations being THE peace-keeper?

The skool inmersion program
by Russ Priestley
... it's like I say, you know

Melrose, 1885 to 1985 (conclusion)
by Cliff Jones
 ... from the early 1900's

Melrose, 1885 to 1985
by Cliff Jones
 ... 100 years of memories

The Iraq War - a personal perspective
by Irving Smolens
 ... where and when will the suffering end?

Is any war a good war?
by Jackie Wattenberg

Murder in Melrose
Len Dalton
 ... R.I.P. Matthew Schille, age 19, murdered with drugs. 

Are we going to war?
by Letterie & Wattenberg
 ... Two Stringers offer opinions: Is it time to make a decision?

Small creatures, all creatures, deserve life
by Jackie Wattenberg
When will it all end?

Did I see who?
by Russ Priestley
... say again

Should the death penalty be eliminated?
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Stringers speak out -- some pro, some con

Promises to our Vets 
Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Whether or not it's Memorial Day

Fuels Today
Len Dalton
... Ongoing arguments about developing oil fields in Alaska

Reparations for slavery
Len Dalton
... it gets more and more ridiculous

Reading & Writing
by Len Dalton
... If you're going to write an editorial, make it balanced.

Where has the "compassion" been hiding?
by Jackie Wattenberg
...a view on the early days of the Bush Administration

Idealism unfettered
by Leonard Dalton
... Fossil fuel dependency

Actions speak louder than words
by Jackie Wattenberg
...I'll be watching you

The sad state of professional sports
by Russ Priestley
... we are being hoodwinked

  goes big bucks

by Don Norris

Broken promises
by Bob Ross
... Promise them anything ... we can cancel later!

Marjorie's thoughts on prejudice
by Marjorie Burgess
... part Jewish, part Protestant. I don't which is which.

Mt. Hood Ball Fields
Len Dalton
...New construction at Mt. Hood in Melrose.

News Blackout for Ralph Nader
by Jackie Wattenberg
... local journalist/activist points out media shortcomings.

Len Dalton
...Rebuttal to Mirror articles.

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