Random Thoughts

Problems We Face
 As We Age

... trials and tribulations of celebrating too many birthdays.

by Marjorie Burgess

I was sick for over a month. The doctor who took over for my regular doctor, named it "INFECTION". He wanted me to go to the hospital. I didn't stay but I had to take all kinds of strange sounding medicines. Six pills at $46.00 ... WOW ... and heart pills and examinations, etc.

When I was feeling better, I went back to teaching school, took a short cut home, skidded on the ice, drove the car into a tree, hurt my knee, which got infected.  It took a month before that healed and I was given a tetanus shot. But then they put on my knee a substance to which I was allergic.

It was also time to renew my license, the day before my birthday. I screwed up the eye test by standing too close to the strange machine so I couldn't see. I had to get a doctor's letter of permission to renew my license. The next day I arrived at the Registry with the letter and realized why I had failed the day before, I was too close to the machine. I passed the test on my birthday with no trouble and blissfully went over to the office on my birthday, very proud of myself.

Then, leaving the premises on Cloud Nine, a lady emerged by a side exit and plowed right into me, crunching my bright, sparkling, proud car AGAIN, the front all smashed, the mudguard lying in the street, windows shattered, no more lights, etc. Fortunately for me, there was a witness who saw the accident and went over to the kindly police officer and told him how the lady hit me. I hired a car but didn't dare use it. And this Tuesday I am scheduled for a cataract operation. One might say "That's Life!"

August 5, 2000

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