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Delores from New Mexico

Editors' Note: The years roll by -- four, now -- and we Stringers find we have gathered a small but cherished collection of encouraging notes from around the world. People appreciate the upbeat theme of the Mirror, the home-town atmosphere, and the expertise we have picked up from MIT's Media Lab both as technicians and reporters. Here's a recent note from a New Mexico lady that we'd like to share with you:

Just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful, well-done product. I'm enjoying surfing your site, or has granny missed the boat and proper internet language? At any rate, I think you'll read between the lines and realize this is a very big compliment for a nice job. I read about you in the newspaper several months ago and hurried to the site. I told others about you. And I come back frequently to read more included in your location.

I am a writer and particularly enjoyed the stories contributed. They certainly brought back memories. The older I get, the more I realize what a special group of people we seniors are. We have experienced much and seen so much progress in technologies and other fields. I feel blessed to have lived in this time frame. There are some parts I would have preferred not to have experienced, but they shaped the person I am, so God knew what He was doing.

I'll keep in touch with your website and you. Thanks for a nice visit.

New Mexico Friend, Delores.

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