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St. Mary's Class of '38

Joe Murphy

This picture brought back a lot of good memories.  I was in the class of '39
but my best friends in High School were Phil Walsh and Frannie Tobin . Phil
Walsh lived in Melrose all his life and then retired to Florida for 6 years.
He contracted  cancer of the throat which necessitated the removal of his
voice box. He also suffered a stroke which resulted in partial paralysis of
his right side . Phil lives at the Bear Hill Nursing Center, 11 North St.,
Stoneham . He'd appreciate visits . I have to come from Connecticut but
manage to get up there once a month. We usually go for a drive around
Melrose and try to revisit our boyhood adventures.
I lost touch with Frannie Tobin after the War but recently found an address
for him in Plymouth MA. I wrote and received a phone call back from Mary
Alice Tobin , Frannies widow. She told me that the Tobin Family moved to the
state of Washington  after Frannies father retired. and Frannie went to
college there where he met and married Mary Alice. They had 3 children.
Frannie went to work for the Federal Govt. and became the Director of FEMA.
he retired in '81 in poor health and moved to Plymouth in '85. He died in
May of '96 of Brain Cancer. I sent both Phil and Mary Alice copies of the
class Photo.
Keep up the good work with the Melrose Mirror. I look forward eagerly to the
first Friday of the Month

                                       Joe Murphy St Mary's Class of '39

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