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City of Homes Tour

Elaine Tirrell Macdonald

I have just taken the excellent "City of Homes" Tour via the Internet
and enjoyed it so very much.  Bernadette Mahoney was a close childhood
friend back in the "20"s and '30's and we still exchange Christmas and
Birthday cards.  She  wrote that she had been very busy working on this
project and the results are wonderful. both text and pictures.  She
graciously acknowledged  that it was very much a joint effort of many
people.  My congratulations to all of them.

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in Melrose until I was 15
yeas old.  We lived at 109 Beech Avenue, around the corner from
Bernadette and her family,  and my Grandmother lived the next street
over at 49 Appleton St.  My other Grandparents lived at 77 First Street.
I had an Aunt at 173 Lynn Fells Pkwy and another on Stevens Rd.  I took
violin lessons from a Miss Thomas who lived very near the Melrose
Station - maybe on West Emerson St..  I attended the Congregational
Church , loved Jim McPheters who taught our Sunday School, sang in the
choir and studied voice with Mrs. Tracy, the wife of the Rev. Olin B.
Tracy, the Pastor.  Went to the Washington School on Lebanon St., Calvin
Coolidge Junior High on Main St., (old high school- walked home and back
for lunch every day!) and one year in the "new" high school before
moving to Concord.  I had wonderful times at the Mount Hood Golf course
where we skied and skated and rode down the exciting toboggan chute all
winter. We also went "coasting" on Appleton St, whenever we had a good
snow storm.  They closed off the hill to cars and it was a wonderful,
long ride.  When I got cold, my Grandmother lived at, what was then, the
top of the hill and I could go in and have cambric tea or cocoa and get
warm.When in Junior High I would walk downtown with  my boyfriend every
Saturday afternoon and go to the movies. (Imagine!)    

 My parents both graduated from Melrose High School, too, and my Dad
had been one of the stars of the high school hockey team.  

Yes, it was wonderful growing up in Melrose   I hope to start putting
some of my memoirs into a journal for my family and it will include a
lot about Melrose.  Thanks for showing me parts of it today.  I have
been away for a long time.  Hope to be able to visit once again someday
and take the tour for real.

Wishing continued success to the Melrose Mirror  

Elaine Tirrell Macdonald
Hyattsville, Maryland

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