World War II

Memories in verse

 ... WWII vet marks his eightieth

by Sal J. Saccardo  

While having a coffee break at Trackside in Melrose, we (SilverStringers David and Marie Moreland) met Salvatore J. Saccardo, a retired soldier of General Patton's Army. He told us many stories that happened in the service. It was the 2nd Amored Division - "Hell on Wheels". He would write poems to ease the thoughts of sorrow.

To a Buddy Named "Bill"
on his Eightieth Birthday

It seems that it was just a short time ago
When you and I were called "G.I.Joe",
We can recall many a time when,
a birthday meant "NUTHIN".
Because of the constant day and night, "THUMPIN".

After seven countries and three and a half years overseas,
the war is over, we were ready for our release.
Upon reaching the shores of our good 'OLE U.S. of A.,
We said our good-byes and went on our separate ways.

And now, with your lovely wife and children present,
You stand before them, for this special "EVENT"
I don't think, at this time I can be so "COY".
As Daurice and I can't wait to wish you,

November 3, 2,000


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