Scallops wrapped
 with bacon --
 oh, so good!


by Don Norris

Broiled Scallops, wrapped in bacon -- as holiday hors d'oeuvre. Ummm, so good!


One and a half pounds of sea scallops.
One pound of good bacon -- two pounds is better.
Lots of sharp toothpicks to hold everything together.

Nothing else. No spices, no salt, no butter, nothing else.

Cut the bacon strips in half and cook lightly. Best, most convenient way is to cook bacon in the microwave, on a bacontray. Lay the strips of bacon on the tray, and prevent spattering by covering with a paper towel. If no microwave, do it on the stove.

Microwaving a platter of bacon requires four to six minutes on high.

Scallops: Sea scallops are big. Therefore one quarters them, or cuts them into thirds. The point is to make them bite size. My 1.5 pounds made 34 bites, with a bunch of small pieces let over for the cook. (One pound of bacon didn't go as far as 1.5 pounds of scallops). And it is best to rinse them off in fresh water.

After cutting the scallops to size, wrap them with lightly-cooked half-strips of bacon, securing the blivet with a wooden toothpick -- wooden, for plastic toothpicks will melt under broiler heat and ruin your meal.

Use a flat pan with edges to broil the wrapped scallops, in the conventional oven. Timing is short. Like three to five minutes in a heated oven. The bacon will finish cooking, the toothpicks will get crispy, and the scallops will be nicely done.

Serve warm or cool. Eight people for dinner made these gone in short order. They are out of the this world!

Cook's note: Bay scallops (small) will work, except you'll have a higher ratio of bacon to scallops. And they tend to have more water added -- makes them bigger, heavier and more profitable for the marketer. When they cook up, the water comes out and you have a bunch of bullet-sized scallops. Therefore, the added cost of buying sea scallops isn't so hard to take.

December 29, 2000

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