How to promote your daughter's art

...A true talent - at 25 year intervals

by Hector French

"Don, I understand the editors are pushing art these days," said Hector French, one of the new, more prolific members of the SilverStringers.

"Well, sure, Hector. Why? You been painting?", I replied.

"No, no. But I have this drawing my daughter did some years ago, and I'd like you to take a look at it. She did it from some cigarette advertisement, I think."

So here's Nancy French's drawing. Not bad at all. It got past our stuffy board of editors, so it must have some merit. And from this Sunday painter's point of view, it is good work. Certainly worth showing off.

I don't think Nancy knows that her dad is publishing her work. Of course, she did it 23 years ago. And Hector says she hasn't pursued her talent since then, that he knows of. Too bad.

January 5, 2001


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