Photo essay: Beebe School oil tank removal

 ... It all happened behind the Milano Senior Center. 

by Frances Bertulli

SilverStringer shoots her first news story

When the City of Melrose acquired the Beebe Estate it eventually had to deal with envionmental considerations -- including removal of an old, potentially leaky steel oil storage tank. In this case, the tank belonged to the Beebe School next door, but was partly on Milano House property. These photos follow the progress of the job -- taken with the new Kodak digital camera loaned to the SilverStringers by the Media Lab at MIT.

Editors' note: Mrs. Bertulli is the manager/coordinator at the Milano Senior Center.

Photos by Frances Bertulli
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Truck Arrives to remove the oil. Small Dig Finally exposed Fresh Air At Last

First Move This Hurts Move Made, its almost there Scratch My Back

Getting up in the World Coming to get it Getting close now No trouble at all - Boy, I made it!

July 6, 2001


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