Savignon blanc
as a popsicle

by Don Norris

What is the alcohol content of wine in America? Maybe 11, 12 percent? Well, it still freezes, as one can see in the attached photo.

Wine is part of our dining experience, now that we are old enough to appreciate good food. It doesn't have to be filet mignon with a French bordeaux. No, a fresh salmon steak and a nice domestic white wine will do.

But the temperature is important. Room temperature for red, and a nice chill for a white. And so when we decided to have fish again, I discovered that we had left our bottle of California savignon blanc not in the refrigerator, but on the cabinet.

So a half hour before dinner, I slipped the bottle into the freezer, and set my mental alarm clock for twenty minutes. But something came up, dinner was much delayed -- and the wine became a tasty block of ice. This is what you see here, a pretty picture of light refracted through frozen savignon blanc.

Fortunately the bottle was not full, and so the glass did not break. What a mess that would have been.

I must report that the wine tasted just as good, but that my mental alarm clock seems to have become something less than efficient these days.

February 2. 2001

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