More paintings
 from Tony


by the SilverStringers

While Anthony Accettullo sold many of his paintings in his February show at the Beebe Estate here in Melrose, here are two fresh pieces he provided for our electronic audience.

The top watercolor is a winter scene of our own Ell Pond, done shortly after a recent storm. The lower piece is what all painters do in the winter -- a vase of tulips, indoors.

When asked which of his paintings were the most popular during his recent show, he said four of his pieces of Ireland went first -- three of which were of Connemara. He had 26 paintings in his show, and sold 15. Now that is success.

Tony is now president of the Reading Art Association, while his wife Eleanor is president of the Melrose Arts and Crafts Society.

If you would like to meet Tony, he is a regular with Bill Kadlec's painting class at the Milano Senior Center. They meet every Tuesday morning.

March 2, 2001

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