Meet Melrose -
 View from
 a mountaintop


by Don Norris

One gets an airy feeling of what this small city looks like from this unusual point of view. Here, at mountaintop, we are at 200 feet above the Atlantic Ocean -- which is five miles over our left shoulder. Boston itself is to the left, five miles due south -- we are looking southwest. Most of the land in the city is taken up by single-family two-story houses, although our Ell Pond (elevation 50 feet) does provide a nice ten-acre open space in the valley. The ridge in the distance, three miles away, marks the west border of town; what you see is the Middlesex Fells Reservation, a beautiful, rocky forest in the midst of the Greater Boston sprawl. The commercial area downtown, which is about 120 or more years old, is still a viable shopping area, in spite of modern malls in practically every neighboring community. We have savored much of our Victorian heritage.

March 2,2001

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