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It's not your usual RMV

... Miracles of miracles, you wouldn't believe!

by Roseanne Greene

One of the major traumatic experiences we would all like to avoid is any trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The thought of the need to renew my driver's license is right up there on the agony level with trips to the dentist. However, the need to be "out and about" means I will suffer through whatever time-wasting nonsense the State bureaucrats are indulging in this year.

When I moan and groan to my oldest child about how my whole day is wasted and destroyed at just the thought of going to the local Registry office, she brightly says, "Let's see if I can make an appointment so you won't have to stand in line." Yeah ... right!

Two days later she calls to ask if 2 o'clock on Wednesday is good. Now I have a dilemma ... stand in line or be beholden. Beholden wins.

With low expectations, I arrive at the Oak Grove Office at 1:40, and I am shocked (yes, truly shocked!)! There is a parking space right in front of the door. What can this mean? The mind is boggled. When I go inside a pleasant young lady ("the Greeter") smiles and directs me to the left ...but...I have an appointment. With perfect logic she says, "Why do you need an appointment?" and I respond, "So I won't have to stand in line." We both have noticed. THERE IS NO LINE. Wonder of wonders!

Inside the work area heads have risen; attention is being paid to this person who has an appointment. Pretty quick the "Person in Charge" has come out of the back room, ushered me through the process and generally made life very easy for me. Time elapsed? 10 minutes. It is 1:50, and I am back at the car.

Do you suppose that through all those other horrible trips much paranoia could have been avoided just by making an appointment? Or is this truly the new Registry of Motor Vehicles at your service? Let's keep that thought in mind.

March 20, 2001

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