Mirror reflects
  Stringer's age

by Dave Moreland


The golden hours of yesteryear
Have faded fast from view.
As satin petals of the rose
Are dropt on autumn's dew.

The treasure book of memories
Will hold our friendships true;
And as we turn a mellow page,
We'll live our lives anew.

Look we above this common place
For things of higher kind;
And keep the Master in our hearts
And beauty in our mind.

Farewell, our teachers and our school,
On this, our parting day.
"Co-operation brings success."
Our motto be for aye.

Do you remember when you graduated from high school?

In the past were you sometimes outstanding?

Each picture of the graduate gave a summary of the courses such as Glee Club, Drama Club and Debating Teams.

If athletic, you listed the football, basketball, cross country, rifle and other teams. The girls also had their teams.

There were  class positions such as president, executive committee, advisory council, and year book staff and class day scheduling.

The Journalism Club had a close relationship with the Writer's club. These clubs produced the student newspaper for all grades in school.

Other positions were class orator, prophet, poet and odist, complete with music composed by a senior graduate.

Each graduate had his own picture listing various accomplishments in clubs and teams that the student participated in. The final ending of the brief resume was further training after graduation. This suggested different training schools with a vocational objective in mind.

Since we were in the middle of a depression, few could affort to attend college and there were few scholarhips to be offered.

The fellow who created the ode was nicknamed "the Professor". This name stuck with him in other positions in his life.

The pictures are gently called the process of aging.


June 1, 2001

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