DeCordova Museum

... A Wonderful Day at The
DeCordova Museum  

by Ella Letterie

Last week a few SilverStringers and friends went to the DeCordova Museum In Lincoln, Ma. It was an educational and exciting day. Julian DeCordova traveled extensively and in his words "collected everything that took my fancy"

He donated his home in Lincoln to display Modern and Contemporary Art and Sculpture. The goal of the DeCordova Museum is to exhibit, collect and preserve works of art by living New England Artists.

The Sculpture Park is 35 acres and is free of charge. One could spend many hours walking around the park inspecting the sculptures.

I managed to snap some pictures inside the museum before being told that it was not allowed. However, we did spend some time with the exhibit called "Make Your Own Story" which was done by Glorianna Davenport of MIT. It was "wild" (quoting MIT Editor-in-residence Jack Driscoll).  

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June 1, 2001

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