More photos of Stringers' visit in Ennis, Ireland

 ... the scenery was beautiful, the people even more so ...

by Ella Letterie

The four SilverStringer editors came home from their March visit to Ennis with literally hundreds of photos and a million fond memories. And so below are a small handful of shots by Editor Ella Letterie, taken with her brand new Nikon 880 digital camera.

On a Sunday morning, people are in church and the shops are closed.

Ennis is an old place, and people take pride in their history.

Friary alcove -- off-limits during the hoof and mouth troubles.

Alex Stouffs of MIT, and Stringer Kay McCarte (at right) with hosts Elaine, Geraldine and Maura at Ennis Information Age Town headquarters.

EIAT staff and Stringers confer.

Parnell Street, we believe, with Russ and Kay.

River Fergus flows through a picturesque downtown.

At County Clare FM radio interview with Ella and Kay.

June 1, 2001

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