September 11, 2001

Feelings on the Attack on America

 ... HORROR  !!!

by Ella Letterie

We take our life for granted. Do we think we are going to live forever? Everyone and everything is ours for the taking. The obscenity that happened on September 11, 2001 in the United States warrants taking another look at our mortality. I was glued to the television watching in horror as the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon were attacked and destroyed. While watching this, I felt a great feeling of frustration because I could do nothing to help. I prayed for the people who died, I prayed for their survivors and then I put my head on the table and allowed myself to cry.

I have been e-mailing some people in the Netherlands as their name is Letterie. On September 15, 2001 Paulus Letterie wrote to me.

Dear Ella,
Our condolences for the terrible disaster in USA. We pray for the American People. In our country we give the American all our sympathy.
God be with you

Mario Albanese, age 30. Mario is doing construction work next door. "This is horrible! I don't even feel like driving a nail today".

Maria Serrao, age 33. "I just had a baby and this is the kind of world that he will grow up in".

Albert Pavone, Age 75. A friend since we were children. This is unbelievable. Except for Pearl Harbor, this is the first time the mainland of the U.S. has felt the effects of war.

Jean Young, Age 70. A caning friend. I am so depressed. I got a headache on Tuesday when I heard about the attack, and I still have it. I don't know what I can do, except pray for the people.

Robert O'Neil, Age 50. I have a feeling of frustration, horror, and ultimate sadness. The needless loss of life is appalling.

Gloria Hernon, Age 35. I felt a range of emotions; shock, horror, fear, anger, and then sympathy. I feel that any person who died or was hurt in this tragedy is my brother and sister.

Gloria is so right. This attack was so unexpected that it brought all of us together. It doesn't matter what your race, religion, color, or political party.

We Are all American

God Bless America

October 5, 2001

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