September 11, 2001

The aftermath: Recording history in the making ...

 .. Where were you when you heard of the assault?

by the people of Melrose

Where were you when you heard of the assault?

Here, in Melrose, we received a myriad of answers, and later we thought, the question isn't really important, so the answers will be of little significance. We were wrong:

"I was on the computer net talking with someone on the East Coast, and he said to get the TV on. I did not know why. Soon I found out, though. "

"I was in my car going to the bank, and came immediately home and turned on the TV to make sure it was not one of those radio stupid jokes."

"I was at work and a secretary had received a phone call stating the first plane had hit."

"I had just walked into the Senior Center and heard it on the radio."

"I was at a client's office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and someone in the lab heard it on the radio."

"I was doing a landscape project at one the home of one of my customers. She got in her car to move it ... and when she got out, her face was pale and she was visibly shaken. Her car radio was on, reporting the attack ... She said, 'A plane just hit the Twin Towers in NYC'. At this time we did not know it was an attack, we speculated that it was perhaps a small private plane that had somehow crashed into the building."

"I was in my car, driving to Freeport, Maine."

"My son called me to turn the TV on. When I did, I saw the second crash."

"I was watching the morning news on NBC at 8 a.m. Central time."

"We were watching on TV. It appeared like an accident, until the second plane hit, then we knew it was on purpose."

"What I remember first about September 11th was how great the weather was when I commuted into Boston. I was in an office working (across the street from the John Hancock Tower) when a co-worker interrupted and said, 'a plane had collided with one of the Twin Towers'. An employee down the hall had a small color TV in his office and when I went down to watch, the second tower was hit. Shortly thereafter the building was evacuated and employees were dismissed for the day.

"Wife and I were watching TV."

"I was sitting at my office desk when my wife called. She was in New York, two blocks away from the scene and in a state of confusion (she's okay).

One Melrose resident was bringing me up-to-date over coffee at the 'Bread and Bits', downtown. She said her son had graduated, passed the New York bar, had been married, and now lives in Brooklyn. My question was, "Where was he on September 11th", and she replied, "in Brooklyn, in court." Six thousand five hundred people died less than half a mile away.


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