September 11, 2001

The aftermath: Late for work Tuesday ....

 ... Did you have anyone close involved in the attack?

by the people of Melrose

Question: Did you have a family member or friend who was involved in the attack?

Melrose did not dodge the bullet in losing some of its citizens on September 11 -- most of the communities around Boston and in southern New Hampshire were directly affected.

"My daughter-in-law's friend was on flight 11 that hit the WTC," a lady told us. "She also lost six other co-workers from TJX, Inc, where she works."

"Not that I know of yet. I do have a friend whose fiance works in the WTC, but he was late for work on Tuesday."

"At the present time, we do not believe (we had losses)."

"No family or friends, but a few customers I have worked with."

"Thank God, NO. Since the attack, however, I have found out that a neighbor's parents were friends of one of the passengers on one of the planes that hit the WTC; also, other friends and acquaintances of mine had friends that were victims of this attack."

"No, but ten years ago, my son was an assistant manager at Windows of the World at the top of the WTC."

"Fortunately, no. My cousin's son and fiance were working in the building across the street (they think it was the third building to collapse), and they were evacuated out the back door. It took them a while to find each other, but they did, and left the area soon after."

"I had no family member or friend involved in the attack, but a neighbor works for Price Waterhouse in Boston and they lost four people heading to San Diego for an audit. Another member of the firm, from Los Angeles, was going home with his son from a vacation on the Cape."

"I have a client who works for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. I couldn't get him until Wednesday and he told me had the plane come in over the Potomac instead of over the highway, it would have hit their location.

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