September 11, 2001

The aftermath: I just can't fault our leaders ...

 .... Were you surprised that our leaders had little or no advance warning?

by the people of Melrose

Our readers' opinions were split, with 68 percent saying, "No," we were not surprised -- and 32 percent saying "Yes," we were surprised. But most had something to say:

Were you surprised that our leaders had little or no advance warning?

From Melrose, "Yes (I am surprised), -- it shows that our intelligence resources are dysfunctional."

"I was angry," another said, "because the US is supposed to be the best, with all the techology we have -- yet we didn't see this coming."

"No (I am not surprised) -- Terrorists are very sneaky."

"It now appears that they had some advance warning, although clearly not of a sufficiently specific nature. That said, I would add that no one can rid the world of all risks."

"I am (surprised) to a certain degree. We know that the US has enemies. I just can't fault our leaders when the attackers are willing to kill themselves."

"We were in no way surprised on Government unpreparedness."

"Yes, this had to have been in the planning stages for a long time."

"An act of evil, with the obvious intention of killing as many people as possible was kept as secretive as possible in order to preserve an element of surprise and horror. While I believe that many people may have been involved in gathering intelligence against us, I feel that besides the suicide hijackers, probably very few enemies knew the details and scope of the plan."

"No (not surprised). It's the price of a Washington bureaucracy and airline lobbying to lower security standards."

"Not really."

"No, I am not surprised."

"I believe that the leaders were aware of plots against America, but I don't think they ever thought about the enormity of this attack."

"Yes (I am surprised)."

"Yes, particularly after learning how much was known about the attackers."

"No. How could anyone even dream that such a thing could happen."

"It almost seemed like they were asleep, unaware of the imminent danger."

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