September 11, 2001

The aftermath: ... acts not acceptable

 ... do we need allied support for U.S. military initiative?

by the people of Melrose

Do you feel that America needs -- and can count on -- allied support on any military action?

Our Melrose audience feels very strongly (a 91 percent majority) that America should have allied participation in dealing with terrorists. The two respondents who answered "No" offered no elaboration. But on the yes-side, there were numerous poignant comments:

"It (America) absolutely needs allied support, and those allies have to be the brotherhood of man -- that is, the support of countries who have not been our friends but who are interested in justice nonetheless. Whether we can get such support is another matter. U.S. credibility in undertaking "humanitarian" actions is, in my view, almost nil."

"America needs to win. I am not sure we can count on allied support on ANY military action."

"Yes, we need support and I believe we will get it."

" ... friends owe us," a woman wrote.

"According to the reports on television, there are many countries/governments showing support for us. Whether or not they are willing to go to war with us against these terrorists remains to be seen. Yes, I think we need the support. I think that the unity will show the world that these acts of violence and terror are not acceptable, and that we as a nation will not let terrorists spew their hatred for us, on our soil, in the name of ANY God, without some kind of reciprocation.

"Yes, asistance will be needed. I just think it won't always be 100 percent supplied by many countries."

"Yes. We think the country has sympathy around the world."

"Yes, every country is vulnerable to some type of terrorism."

"Yes, we do need allies. Absolutely."

"Yes, I feel America can count on allied support, but again, I sincerely hope they will exhaust all other options before taking military action and help people caught in the middle."

"Definitely yes. We need it for diplomatic pressure and geographical presence, as well as military support."

"I would hate to see our country fight this battle alone. They need allied military support."


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