September 11, 2001

The aftermath: Freedom does have a continuing price

 ... What are the possible negative results of a military response? 

by the people of Melrose

What are the possible negative results of a military response by America?

"I am fearful that these terrorists have other plans of violence already in place against us, knowing and hoping that we would retaliate in kind and involve us in a war that would place our own citizens at risk. I think that this is all part of their plan and scheme."

"Retaliation by terrorist groups."

"If American military response is done right, the only negatives would be among the enemy."

"Initially, of course, there is the loss of more American life. Longer term, our involvement in the Middle East will increase. We will not be able to sit on the sidelines for any future conflict. With the volatile situations of country borders and religious values, it is likely to keep American military in the area for many decades to come."

"With the weapons we now have, it could mean total destruction." (Of whom, the writer did not designate).

"Loss of American lives." "... more acts of terrorism."

"Many lives lost -- not only Americans but innocent civilians as well."

"... negative economic impact."


"A: A possible depression a la the 1930s. B: Permanent increased troop deployment in the area. C: Further erosion of our civil rights towards a police state."

"More hatred and mistrust of the United States, more civilian lives lost at home and abroad. Potentially, the disintegration of civil society worldwide."

"Americans traveling abroad may be targeted. Sleeper cells in the USA not flushed out may begin the second wave."

"Our enemies will be even more unified ..."

"... may ignite more troubles in the Middle East. A fear is that it may lead into a 'my God is better than your God' type war."

"More killing of innocent people. Stepping on the toes of another ruling nation, escalating us into a full world war."

"... reminds us that freedom does have a continuing price."

"A long, drawn-out, unsatisfactory campaign, not unlike Vietnam. Ask the Russians who were there."

"... we must not retaliate in the same way, as that only shows the terrorists that we are as evil as they are -- and, I feel, that is what they want us to do."


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