September 11, 2001

The aftermath: ... no one seems to know

 ... Who are our enemies?

by the people of Melrose

Who are our enemies?

Of the volumes of commentary wrought by this questionnaire, the people had the most problem with "Who are our enemies?" Satan, Iraq, Hussein, bin Laden, followers and supporters of terrorists, people disconnected from the mainstream of mankind, the Taliban, and a general lot of those who hate freedom. Few could nail it down at this early stage, but then there were several very perceptive answers: "It's all time relative" said one gentleman.

Two respondents admitted they didn't know.

"Religious zealots" one writer said. "Selected Muslims" said another. And those who hate our democratic society. France and Libya are included in the list, said one writer.

If the President handed this list over to his generals with the instuctions to "Get these dirty bastards", they wouldn't know quite which way to go.

" ... anyone against the US," a woman said.

So while the words, thoughts and ideas thus provided in answer to our questionnaire have been for the most part positive and knowledgeable, we have to award a low grade for identifying an enemy.

One explicit thought: "It's all time relative. There was a time when both Iran and Iraq were both friends to whom we sold weaponry. Russia was an enemy and now may ally with us because the Taliban are no friends of the Russians. The one definite thing is all terrorists are enemies of all civilized countries."

The editors suggest the correct answer, today, is terrorists, all over the world. They have no common religion, no common race, no common political philosophy. They live and survive because they hide among nations, good and bad, and it will be a hard task for the world alliance to identify who is and who isn't.

One fact is unavoidable. Bloodshed begets bloodshed. On all sides. It appears man will never arise above it.

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