September 11, 2001

The aftermath: Only in Tom Clancy novels

 ... diplomatic avenues to relieve world tension?

by the people of Melrose

Do you feel there are any diplomatic avenues that could be pursued to eliminate, or at least great lessen, continuing tensions throughout the world?

"Only in Tom Clancy novels (Rainbow Six being the most recent example.)"

"My personal belief is that the world has got to become "enlightened" spiritually. Love is the only thing that will bring people together. We have to stop allowing money and the desire to accumulate wealth and power from alienating us from our Creator be it: God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddah."

"I know of no nation that will stick with us to the bitter end."

"I don't know. I dearly hope so. Building alliances with as much of civilized world as possible is critical."

"Talk has no effect on the kamikaze mind set. They have great patience."

"Diplomatic avenues are the first step to avoid stepping into the Vietnam quagmire."

The prayers of the world and the good will of our leaders and people will help to lessen continuing tensions throughout the world.

"Yes. A mutli-national effort, including Muslim countries, to find and freeze all the bank accounts and money laundering establishments used by terrorist groups, will have an effect on the situation."

"I don't know, but certainly hope so."

"I'm sure there must be ways to eliminate some of the hatred against us by so many people in the world."

"I'm not sure any avenues are left at this time." (Twenty-seven percent felt this way).

"Yes." (But no explanation).

"Yes, that which Bush and Powell are doing. Get commitment from all nations or they are our enemy."

"Those that would conduct themselves the way these terrorists did will not be willing to be diplomatic, nor should we waste our breath, let's just do away with them, the sooner the better before more can be brainwashed into killing more innocent lives."

"Yes, and here's where we will especially need allies."

"Yes, Americans must be more understanding to the problems of less fortunate countries. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to butt in."

"That's what I hope, but we must show unbending strength and determination."

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