September 11, 2001

Mail to Stringers, from abroad

 ... may God Bless you and all of America

from the Irish, the French, Thailand, the Belgians ...

The day after the attack on America, we, the SilverStringers, began getting mail from friends around the world. A few of the messages are pertinent here:

From Ireland, the seniors group that played host to our editors last March -- they went on to produce a new internet publication of their own, called "Sunset".

"Sympathies from Ennis ...

"Like the world at large we are deeply shocked at recent events in New York and Washington. On behalf of The Sunset Group and eircom Ennis Information Age Town, we hasten to offer the Silver Stringers our deepest sympathy. We hope that none of your group, their relatives or friends, have been directly affected by this terrible tragedy.

"May God bless you all,

-- the Sunset Group.


And another from Ireland, from a lovely lady who has done so much good in Ennis:

"This is to you all, I would like to say how sorry and sad we are here in Ireland at the great loss of life you have in the U.S.A.

"We would like you all to know that here in Ireland you are in our thoughts and prayers.

"Today Friday all our shops and banks are closed as we have a day of prayer for all of the people who have lost their loved ones. Services are being held in every church.

"We send you our deepest Sympathies."

Rosemary O'Mahony


There was a message from Sudhi and Sue Lekhyananda from Bangkok, Thailand, addressed to the Class of 1949 of Melrose High School -- of which Sudhi was a member.

"Dear All:

Heard of the very bad attack. Feel very deeply sorry for you and the rest of the American people. Please accept our sympathy. God Bless."

Sudhi and Sue Lekhyananda


From Belgium comes this piece, sent by Philippe Cornil to Irving Smolens of the Stringers, who took part in the D-Day invasion of Europe so many years ago. The relationship between Philippe and the many American soldiers who liberated his homeland remains strong today:

Dear friends: This morning at 1200, I assisted to a small ceremony in Sainte Mere Eglise, among US veterans, French people, firemen, officials and many other tourists of different nationalities.

It took place in front of the monument celebrarting the libertaion of the town by the first paratroopers during the night of the sixth of June 44.

In memory of the US citizens, guardians of freedom who came for us in 1944 (and I add 1917) and often paid of their lives, those citizens and descendants now attacked savagely inside their own country.

We prayed for all of you, the symbols of freedom and democracy, and we have manifested our support to you.

Prayer to the Mother of God, Sainte Marie, three minutes of silence, flowers and the Star Spangled hymn.

Another mass will be dedicated this next Thursday.

This report only to say, we are with you, also very shocked, not knowing what to do in face of such bloodthirstiness.

God bless you and America.
One of your friends, eyewitness in Normandy.

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