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Jack Stouffs

Subject: article
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 10:09 PM

Greetings, Nadia and Jack

While putting together the November issue of the Melrose Mirror, I suggested that I write to our two Swiss foreign correspondents and request an article for the December issue.

If you care to take on this assignment, the subject matter is up to you. You may write about snow, Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanza, or even Gabriel and Gidion (or not write at all).

Best regards

Dear Ella,

Your request has given me another idea for the Mirror. Is there a suggestion box made accessible to the readers of the Mirror? If yes, could it be enlarged so that any of the readers of the Mirror can have access to any of the messages received so that they can contribute to answering any of the queries submitted ... their answers being added/visible(?) under the initial query.

This idea came to my mind while I was using a forum for a computer software which I did not very well understand. I got a rapid public answer.

Is there a public database of the readers of the Mirror, indicating their former professional activities or their favorite hobby which they would be ready to share with their fellow-readers only. Maybe this idea has already come up, but my fielding it won't hurt, I hope.

Dear Ella,

The reason of my suggestion is that when some people retire they have a depressing sense of uselessness which would be unjustified if they knew that other people out there still might have some use of their lifetime knowledge and wisdom. This comment could be added to the "Letters to".

--- Ella Letterie wrote:  
> Hello Nadia & Jack
> I read your letter at the general meeting on
> Wednesday, and it was agreed that I would put it in
> the "letters to".
> I'm sure that the readers of the Mirror will respond
> to your suggestion.
> The only way we could possibly know about the
> readers professional activities or favorite hobby,
> would be if they write to us.  Maybe we could write
> a "request to our readers" article asking for such
> information when they write to us.
> ella

December 7, 2001

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