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Editor's note: Delores Wernet lives in New Mexico and came across the SilverStringers' Melrose Mirror while browsing the net a year or so ago. She not only identified with us and the stories we write, but she began a 2000-mile association, offering plaudits, encouragement and (hopefully) articles from an interested reader. Below is her latest reflection of The Mirror:

It was certainly an inspiration to read Bernadette Mahoney's article and see her paintings (November issue of The Mirror). It made me want to scurry to the closet and dig out my box of oils, pencils, brushes, and all of my painting gear.

I had a short fling into the world of painting a few years ago but worked too hard at it under the instructor's tutelage. I finished one picture, which the instructor and my fellow "artists in progress" graciously praised, but that was the last of that career--to date. The desire is still with me.

Finding time is the problem. I actually did dig out my box of equipment very recently, even before reading the article mentioned, but it was relegated back to the dark closet. I really have wanted to get back to doing more in this area, and maybe Bernadette Mahoney's shared experience will motivate me to do just that.

I think her pictures are absolutely wonderful. It's hard to believe her career has been this short and she is turning out work of this caliber. I certainly thank her for sharing them with us. I also enjoyed Mr. Priestley's story of his trip to Canada. The pictures of the flowers are really breathtaking. I've heard of those gardens for years but have never been to Canada, so I thank him for sharing with us, too.
I tried to access Ms. Mahoney thru her article but got a message that wouldn't let me do that. So decided to reach her this way. I hope to read more of this month's paper before it is too late. I really enjoy the stories and the pictures of your area. New Mexico is beautiful, but I love to see other areas of our wonderful United States, too.

Sincerely, Delores Wernet
Somewhere in New Mexico

December 7, 2001

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