in Polish???

by the SilverStringers

ABOUT TIME the Stringers ran a silly picture. Six years now the SilverStringers have been producing informative, educable, upstanding, straight-up photos -- but today we have some whimsey. You see, it took five editors (and one executive director) to assemble one Polish-made rollaway computer station, consuming the best part of three days. Their excuse: the illustrations were in Polish, the instructions were in Spanish. In front, ostensibly in charge of reading the instructions, is Jini Hanley; from the left are Don Norris, Ella Letterie, Jim Driscoll, Kay McCarte and Jack Beckley, director of the Council on Aging. In fact, it was Jack who calmly said, on seeing the near-finished product, "It ain't gonna work that way, guys". So we took it apart and sought the sage advice of Custodian Michael McDonough, who got the stand together in good order. Missing from the group is editor Russ Priestley, who probably was off playing golf. (Photo by Stringer O'Callaghan).

January 4, 2002

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