Today is The day

by Gene Holman

Oh, to be young once more,
When I could jump and run.
I like to think about the time
When life seemed full of fun.

There was not a care those days.
Indeed, I felt that I was free   
The only thing that mattered
Was to satisfy desires in me.

But now I'm old. My hair is gray.
My youth has been all spent.
But I have learned so many things
Which I am sure were Heaven sent.

My life is full. I'm truly blessed.
And all my past I have forgot.
To wish for all that has gone by
Will surely count for naught.

I live today as best I can,
And accept my checkered past.
Serenity, I find is my reward
And I am happy now, at last.

So if you live your life each day
The best way you know how,
Then surely, you will find
Happiness here and now.

January 4, 2002

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