The original was $400
 -- the model, $15.95

 ... at 14, he was the coolest dude in town ...

by Don Norris

USING A DIGITAL camera, I shot about 40 pictures of this Hallmark Model-A model for use in an article in the Mirror on "My Favorite Automobile". This is one of the shots I did NOT use, because the Hallmark model is quite detailed, and it is the spitting image of my 1931 Model-A, right down to the paint job -- green body, black fenders and yellow wheels. I think anybody who looked closely knew my photos were a put-up job, but they look real to me.

My wife bought the model Model-A for me as a gift two years ago. She paid $15.95.

The dollar history (I draw on memory) was that my car (actually my brother's, but when he went into the army in WWII and Ma was out to her bridge club, I became the youngest and coolest driver in the whole city, aged 13) originally cost $399. When my dad bought it for my brother to commute to Fort Monmouth, he paid $200, in 1944. And after going though college with it, we sold it for a paltry $400 -- which was a dollar more than the original price. The fellow who bought it drove it, in 1953, to California -- and I am absolutely sure that it was MY Model-A that took part in so many shoot-em-up gangster movies, and further, that it was the model for Hallmark's car. Now there's a priceless piece of history for you. You won't find THAT in the slick magazines.

August 2, 2002

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