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September 11, 2001

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Here is Melrose

This section is just beginning, and is a work-in-progress. Please bear with us as we learn how to add categories and map sites of interest. We solicit contributions of articles, pictures, and interviews about memories of Melrose and places of interest. Contact if you have contributions to make

A detailed street map is in the "Street Map" section.

Breakheart Reservation
by Elizabeth Samit
... a favorite place near Melrose

'Healthy Melrose' to be held on Saturday, April 10, 2010
Elizabeth Samit
... a health and wellness fair

Melrose earlier days
by Len Dalton
... when I was a kid; a real Melrose kid!

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial building
by Ed Boyd, Don Norris and Louise Fennell
... nooks and crannies at Memorial Hall.

Rare innocence among us
by Len Dalton
... innocence is often hard to find but, this man was the rare one.

New neighbors: Mount Hood coyotes
by Len Dalton
... stronger presence of canines in Melrose

Tragedy In Melrose
by Steve Johnson
... a true story from my grandfather


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