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September 11, 2001

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Why James E. Milano became Mayor of Melrose
from Rola Savarino
... My fond thoughts of Jim Milano

The Ship

... Another iconic Route 1 landmark may be sailing away into the sunset.

Rola remembers
from Rola Savarino
... 49 years (reversed)living in Melrose

Christmas in Melrose, 1905
by Steve Johnson
... The incredible, white, quiet days and nights

The Melrose that was
by Kay McCarte
... Main Street, Melrose

Smoking Darn Near Killed Him ( Korea 1958 - 1959 )
Dave Powers
... Dave Powers recalls his time in Korea

Free tickets to Hawaii -- 50 years ago
from the SilverStringers
... looking into the community's history in 1964

by Len Dalton
... History is all about reconciliation. This article is in that interest.

The monster Category 5 of 1938
by Arnold Koch
... Some of us will never forget

Melrose Watch Company
by Kay McCarte
... Bet you didn't know ...

The Paperboys of Hinchey's
by Steve Johnson ca 2013
... we were the original "independent contractors" of our time

A question answered, finally
by Dorothy O'Connor
... for years I wondered, and then I learned

More postcards: MHS at Coolidge, path to Spot Pond
from the SilverStringers
... Mysterious collection provides insight to an earlier Melrose

Four year old insight to Memorial Hall
Ed Boyd, Louise Fennell and Don Norris
... the Mirror gets an inside tour ...

History lesson from postcards continues ...
from Len Dalton, Don Norris and the SilverStringers
... the series goes on, life as it was a century ago

Postcards provide scenes from a century ago
by Don Norris, Len Dalton and a string of people from a century ago
... the way Melrose and Malden appeared in 1900s

Air Force report on downed aircraft, 1945
Supplied by Major Robert Driscoll
"... Major Weston went down with the plane"

Melrose recognizes long-forgotten hero
by Don Norris
... community effort welcomes descendents

Photo essay: Mount Hood memorial service
Photos by Don Norris
... the people, the place, the pictures

The Salutarians
by Len Dalton
... speculation about "Who Discovered America"

Son Richard's "Royal Barry Wills" at MHS
by Lorry and Don Norris
... Historical Society treated to an inside view

St. Mary's School begins its 100th year
from Marie Merino Ryan - Class of 1952
... a second century begins now

Clovis anyone? Chapter 2
by Len Dalton
... an update on just who landed in America first

The Tearoom at the Phineas Upham House, 1917
from Arthur H. Whitman,Jr.
... a note from Maine

Historic find: 1907 photo of Melrose aldermen
from Mayor Rob Dolan
... Mayor Dolan discovers gem in Vermont flea market

Fluff? Smac? Marshmallows, made in Melrose?
from Brigid Alverson
... Historical Society gets lowdown on Crystal St. factory

Semantics and Memorial Day - 1925
by Lora Crouss
... our elder statesman Stringer draws on memories

Christmas International House in Melrose
by Lora Crouss
... over 700 foreign students in 50 years

The Lone Ranger's Melrose connection
by Len Dalton
... little known local distinction

A Melrosian spends winter on Mt. Washington
by Len Dalton
... prattle as a hutman on New England's tallest mountain

Riding the rails brings joy and disaster
by Arnold Koch
... looking back to a more simple life

Two slips, a pair of pants and sox -- for $11.43
by Don Norris
... sales slip from Clement's stirs memories

Memories of Melrose between the Wars
by Harold Porter
... the demise of trolley cars

Lubbert Gysbertsen
by Len Dalton
... just a casual word on one line of my ancestry

Remembering a great building
Ann Robbins Talbot
... the old building was a backdrop for memories

More photos: Demolition in progress
from the SilverStringers
... Late October.

Melrose's Marine Medal of Honor winner
Keith Millnes - Marine Corps Times
... a little known Medal of Honor recipient from Melrose. Reprinted here from the "Marine Corps Times"

Clovis anyone?
by Len Dalton
... new findings on the history of the human presence in North America

DNA Research for us all
by Leonard Dalton
... Genographic science has found our origins

Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Irving Smolens
... Dr. King's birthday and civil rights for all

Christmas in Melrose, 1905
Steve Johnson
... The incredible, white, quiet days and nights

Some Melrose characters from the 1940s
by Steve Johnson
... Ducky, Lillybelle, Pin-Head and the Iceman

Alice Linfield White, once of Melrose
by Irving Smolens
... human and civil rights pioneer

Christopher Columbus
by Ella Letterie




Baseball in Melrose, conclusion
by Steve Johnson
... the rest of the story

Baseball in Melrose
by Steve Johnson
... for old-timers and offspring







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