Letters to ...

Ah, there is still
 life in Old Ireland

by Philomena Stapleton

Hello all at Silverstrings.

My name is Philomena, and I have newly joined the Sunset Group here in Ennis Co. Clare.

I hear you all had a jolly time when you visited the group some time ago, and they tell me how much everyone enjoyed meeting you all. I do hope you are all working hard at your Silverstringers Magazine.

We are still plodding along here each Thursday and I am enjoying working with everyone immensley. May I wish all of you connected to the project a very Happy, Peaceful and Enjoyable Easter.

Philomena Stapleton at:

pstapleton, ennis @eircom.net

Editor: The Melrose SilverStringers have a close tie with our counterparts in Ennis.

May 3, 2002

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