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from Diane Neal, outwest.

Hello. I want to let you know how very much I have enjoyed your website.

Being new at this internet business, I was experimenting with finding different sites.I looked around and noticing a mirror on the wall, typed in "mirror" and among the many sites that came up was yours. Having lived in Hollywood,Ca. near Melrose ave.,it caught my eye.What a pleasant surprise for me when I began reading your articles. Being of the Depression era, there were several that especially interested me. We are sort of the forgotten generation in some ways, with the baby boomers being so prevalent, so seeing the articles about the 30s and 40s was refreshing. Mostly everyday experiences that brought back a lot of memories and reminded me of the need for me to take the time to put in writing some of my own recollections for my grown children. Things we don`t necessarily bring up in conversations but were a part of what formed our personalities and way of life. I didn`t intend to rattle on so when I decided to write to thank you, so please forgive my indulgence. Your site is in my "favorites" folder so I`ll be visiting it regularly from now on.

Thanks again, your friend, Diane Neal.

Well, Diane Neal, it certainly is nice to have a new friend. You'll find that we SilverStringers -- there are about 25 of us -- do not stand on protocol, and so whoever wishes to respond to your message, may do so. And your note was an inspiration. Thank you.

I appreciate your serendipitous way of searching the net. One should not wrap one's life in vast rules and regulations. Leave room for happenstance.

As one of six editors of the Melrose Mirror, I seek your permission to print your note in our next issue -- June, that is. We don't get too much mail, and when we do, we tend to save it up so that it looks like we are as popular as, say, Bill Gates. We really do appreciate both your mail and your philosophy.

And you hit the nail right on the head. The Stringers have fallen into this thing some call nostalgia. We call it history, personal history, history of our community. We've been doing this for six years now, in a project that started out as guinea pigs for a Finnish graduate student at MIT. Now we have gone through perhaps 25 graduate students, who find these Stringers a handy and knowledgeable tool. It's good fun.

Oh, yes. We started a new photo group this morning, and met near dawn to catch that fine light. We went to a place here in town called Pine Banks Park; I shall send you one of our shots. Watch for it, it may take half a minute to download.

Don Norris, Editor Number 3.

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