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Who knows about
  old beer wagons?

from Ann Trostle

To Melrose@media.mit.edu
From: Ann Trostle
May 28, 2002
Subject: Mrs. Anderson's Letter

Hello, Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed reading the letter
sent to the Queen Mom by Mrs. Anderson.  Also, enjoyed the reply from
the Queen Mom.  It was wonderful that she received it just before her
death and was able to reply. I'm sure Mrs. Anderson will cherish the
letter. I would!  

God Bless, Ann

... and in a second message the same day:

Dear all, I live in Okeechobee, Fl..I recently purchased what I believe to be an "old piece".  It is a cast iron team of 8 horses pulling a beer wagon; two men and a dog in the wagon (on the seat). After getting it home and checking it over, I happened on a sticker in the bed of the wagon: Highlander House, 70 Main Street, Melrose, Mass. 02176....tel.#1-617-665-xxxx.  I have tried repeatedly to reach someone at this number. I am interested in finding out if this is a antique or a reproduction. Can you, or someone you know in Melrose, help me?  Thank you.  

Sincerely, Ann Trostle

Editor's note: We put a crack reporter on it, Ms. Trostle. We think that one SilverStringer, Bill Jodrey, may have worked at the original manufacturer of those toys, back in 1933. Unfortunately Bill recently moved to Ocala, but we will have an answer for you, sooner or later. Off hand, if the telephone number you called is correct, it is a very modern format, which would indicate your beer wagon is of modern production.

But we'll get back to you.


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