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by Bob Campbell

I had an opportunity to review the "Melrose Mirror" recently and found an interesting article by Jack Driscoll. It was titled "Celebrating childhood and a hotel anniversary", dated May 28, 2002. When I saw "caddy camps" in the sub-title, my interest really perked up. Why? Because I, too, am an alumnus of the BRETTON WOODS CADDY CAMP!

According to the article, Jack was there the summer of 1947; I was there the summers of 1939 and 1940. One statement he made hit the mark right on the money, when he said that his mother thought that it was a good way for a 13 year old to have a camp experience and earn some money. My mother thought the same thing! And you know what? she was right! And, what a tan I came back with. And, oh yes, my legs were in excellent shape for our football season in the fall; one of my teammates was Jim Driscoll, Jack's older brother.

Bretton Woods was not the only caddy camp I attended. Two summers I spent at a similar camp at Sankaty Head Golf Course in Nantucket. But, getting back to Bretton Woods, one of the greatest experiences I had was caddying in the same foursome with Babe Ruth! One thing that I did not know was that the Babe had his name engraved on a small plaque on his personal locker.

Another interesting caddy story was about some of the "big shots" we caddied for. One I'll never forget was the chairman of Sun Oil Company; his nickname was "Pew". Can you imagine the kidding you'd get if your name was "Pew"!

So please convey to Jack congratulations on a great article he produced. It really did bring back many fond memories.

Editors note:Click on title to read Jack Driscoll's article "Celebrating childhood and a hotel anniversary"

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