Traditional anniversary poem, "Jini"

 ... Editor Jini Hanley -- roasted and toasted

by Natalie Thomson


In nineteen-hundred-twenty-seven
A little babe was sent from heaven.
A pretty girl - a newborn winner
Named for the biblical Mary Virginia.

The Sullivans had joined the Hanleys
(She was sweet and he was manly.)
The neighbors waved a family banner:
Her aunts nextdoor were Rose and Anna

Brother Jim and Jini grew
But Neil was lost in World War II.
Her school life was a big parade
As she excelled in every grade.

St. Mary's school turned out to be
Her intro to the big B.C.
In Washington, with shared-apartment,
She straightened out Defense Department.

Then off to Germany at dawn,
She ran the Embassy in Bonn.
A traveler-round-the-world was she
Through England, Spain and Italy

And Ireland (twice) and all the rest
But Fatima and Lourdes were best.
Courageous?  She just won't give in.
Bionic Lady's bound to win.

Kind and gracious - cancels grief;
Stands up tall for her belief.
Retire-ment meant new career
As Silverstringer - oh, my dear!

Attendance for five years: (Hoorays!)
One-thousand-forty perfect days!
She learned computer and improved
The mouse that others had to use.

As Editor, she taught them all
(To be explicit) "Have a ball!"
Don's comment:  "In her book we'll find
Some stories lost and left behind."

Russ' concern, "Is it okay
To spell Virginia with a "J"?
Frances and Al, you all should know,
Wish they'd met her long ago.

Jack Beckley hails the Spelling Bee
Which brought her fame as One-of-Three.
A brace, now part of her appeal,
Her iron constitution real.

At airports there'll be crises now
Of lights and bells and sirens.  WOW!
As she goes through the "X-Machine"
They think they've found the Hijack Queen.

Her smile is great - far from despondent.
Our Oosterman's Press Correspondent.

With Love and Highest Regards,

The Silverstringers
of Melrose

July 5, 2002

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