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from Angie Johnson

June 27, 2002

Dear Melrose Silver Stringers,

I am e-mailing you from the U.K as I  am trying to trace a branch of my Father's family.

They originated from Basingstoke, Hampshire, England and travelled to America around 1912. My Great Aunt was a Miss Florence Elizabeth Scott who married Mr Frank Kittredge, she had a son Scott E Kittredge who we know has passed on in 2001, but she also had a daughter who married to become Florence Jones and moved from Augusta, Maine to Melrose, Mass.

We know that she had a daughter, Jill who had children.

I am one of two daughters of Edward Charles Smith who was Mrs Florence Kittredge's nephew!!

It would be lovely if someone knew something about Jill and her family as my father lost contact shortly before he died.

If anyone has any information my name is Angela Johnson and you can reach me on the above email address.

Yours Sincerely
Angie Johnson

August 03, 2002

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