September 11, 2001

The infamy of 9/11/01

 ... On the anniversary of September 11th, a Melrosian remembers ...

Shirley Rabb

Today is Sunday...Five days have past.

Today the sun is shining as it did on Tuesday the 11th, when chaos and wonderment filled the New York skies and blackened the day and the years to come.

Two hundred and twenty stories of steel and concrete came tumbling down. Two hundred and twenty stories filled with people.

Now on this sun-shiny day there are still more than five thousand people missing. I have watched the TV for hours and days; saddened, as the tears came to my eyes and streaked down my cheeks. I sat alone all of this time for I was in a place of peace. My home in the country is always safe. Has always been safe! I sat and watched the towers coming down over and over again.

I have watched the firemen and policemen and their bravery beyond limits. I watched the sadness of friends and relatives of the missing masses. The people that carried pictures of their loved ones hoping someone, anyone would have seen this person. They wept openly on the streets of New York as I sat on my sofa filled with pain for all of them.

I dared to look away from the TV and see the birds at the feeder and hear their soft sweet songs. They struggle for life daily, yet we only see their beautiful colors and listen to their music that usually lightens our hearts. These past few days I have filled the feeders and watched the flights, the coming and going of these gentle creatures.

One day, I think perhaps on Friday I heard a thud against the window. My heart beat faster than usual for a moment and I stood and looked out the window. I saw a female Goldfinch just sitting on the ground below the window. I went outdoors to help her, assuming she had injured her wing but as I slowly approached her she flew away. I was pleased she had not hurt herself and so I turned to go back to the TV. At my feet lay the casualty. The beautiful male Goldfinch was dead. The female was only waiting for him to fly away with her. So tiny a creature to die so quickly. The body was warm as I placed it in a quickly dug grave and sent a prayer to God for all the fallen of these past few days.

I did go out to visit with friends and I have walked around the lake and see the beautiful changes of colors in the trees. The lake is clear and the sky is cloudless as it was on Tuesday, but my heart aches.

I do not know anyone that is missing yet. I ache and cry and wonder how and why. I cut my finger yesterday and went to the hospital for a few stitches. As I sat in the waiting room, the nurse that took the usual information told me that one of the nurses on the staff had lost her daughter on Flight Eleven. I do not know the nurse, but I weep for her.

I know my pain will pass and soon my life will proceed in a somewhat usual manner, but there will be thousands of families that will have never-ending pain from the loss of their loved ones.

Was the mission of the terrorists successful? I am not sure yet, but I am going to my friend's house in the city today and hang an American Flag.

October 4, 2002

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