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Are we going to war?

 ... Two Stringers offer opinions: Is it time to make a decision?

by Letterie & Wattenberg

Here are two opinions -- both members of the Melrose Mirror -- dealing with the current crisis of making war on Iraq:

Jackie Wattenberg: Taking on wars around the world is well known to our people. But now a war in a far-off Muslim country, Iraq, is looming as a frightening prospect for our young men and women in the services, and of course frightening to their families and those close to them.

But also to many Americans who still wince at recollection of the terrorist bombing of our World Trade Towers. Now that we know the horror of such destruction on our own soil -- the first action since our Civil War that we cannot recall, do we wish to inflict such horror on other innocent people?

Saddam Hussein is of course no hero to us nor to many of his own countrymen. But what of his struggling and innocent people who will be terribly wounded and killed if we begin our powerful bombing? And many ask -- why concentrate on Iraq when we have not eradicated Al Qaeda? Knowing of much hatred directed to us by the terrorists who, the President says, exist in 68 countries -- even our own! -- what effect would our attack on a Muslim country have on those Muslims who already hate us?

No other nation is in favor of our attack on Iraq -- Tony Blair of England is trying to cooperate with his firm ally George W. Bush -- but thousands of his citizens and most of his legislature are against the war. Now is the time for wisdom and working with the world to show them that we want to be responsive to them, and not determined to "go it alone" if we have to. Hatred is a powerful instument of war -- shouldn't we be trying to find ways of lessening it, for the security of our own people as well as the world?

Jackie Wattenberg  

Ella Letterie: Saddam Hussein has inflicted death and destruction on his own people with his chemical and biological weapons. We have seen pictures of the bodies. Now we must be concerned about his possible possession of nuclear weapons. His country is a breeeding ground for terrorists. Since the end of Desert Storm, Hussein has "thumbed his nose" at the U. S. with his "no fly zone" and moving his chemical plants in the dead of night.

With the exception of Tony Blair of England, it seems to me that all the other nations of the world are not willing to be on the side of the United States. No one wants their children to be wounded or killed, but one has to admit that there will be casualties in any conflict. This to me is very sad.

Ella Letterie

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