Thanks ...

from Shirley Rabb

Guide me down the path that's good
Help me to be kind
Though the road be narrow
And though it tends to wind.

Let me be of guidance
To those that walk there too
And let us all bow down our heads
While we give thanks to You.

Try to ease the heartaches
And make our sorrow small
Until we wait for that one day
When we shall hear You call.

Try to help us understand
The sadness of a friend
And let us try to comfort them
And give, instead of lend.

Help us in our prayers
So we do what is right
And guide us from the rising sun
Until the dark of night.

Give good health and happiness
To friends and those we love
Help us try to understand
YOU guide us from above.

Try to hear me now my God
As I give thanks to You
For every thing You have given me
For every thing You do.

For flowers in the noonday sun
And leaves that turn to gold
For warmth of summer every year
And winter though it's cold.

For symphony's of doves and wrens
For bubbling brooks that flow
For every thing within our grasp
Dear Lord we thank You so!

November 1, 2002

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